According to a 2010 study by Klaus Martin Kopitz, there is evidence that the piece was written for the German soprano singer Elisabeth Röckel (17931883 later the wife of Johann Nepomuk Hummel.2 The party also describes German national identity as under threat both from European integration and from the presence and accommodation of immigrants and refugees within Germany; its anti-immigration message is often articulated in this way, especially with regard to Islam.

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Candidates from 7th28th place on the party list were selected in Berlin on 1 February.Their manifesto was endorsed by several economists, journalists, and business leaders, and stated that the eurozone had proven to be " unsuitable " as a currency area and that southern European states were "sinking into poverty under the competitive pressure of the euro".Ganze Staaten stehen am Rande der Zahlungsunfähigkeit." The Federal Republic of Germany is in the gravest crisis of its history.

3 4 Homosexuality and feminism edit According to its interim electoral manifesto, the party is against same-sex marriage and favours civil unions."German Election: Anti-Islam AfD Party That Worked With.S.41 In a detailed report in the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in April 2013, the paper's Berlin-based political correspondent Majid Sattar revealed that the SPD and CDU had conducted opposition research to blunt the growth and attraction of the AfD.